Are Farm Sinks Out?

Noooooooooo! I love these sinks, but it recently occurred to me that what seems so chic and trendy today will look like the Brady Bunch orange countertops in about 10 years.  “Oh, too bad this house has one of those dated farm sinks” might be uttered by a realtor or potential buyer.

It makes me think back to some of the stuff that seemed so cool that maybe isn’t anymore like shag carpet, popcorn ceilings, pole lamps, rotary phones… get the idea.  But fashion is fickle and nothing cool stays cool forever, right?

This whole discussion got started when we bought our old/new house which needs to be totally remodeled.  I am torn between something trendy like gray cabinets and of course, the  farm sink or something a little more traditional.  Hey, I am married to a kitchen guy,  I can have anything I want!  But do I have to make this last 25 years?  When my mom got those bright orange countertops and avocado appliances we were right up there with the Bradys.  Luckily for her, she had a small kitchen fire about 15 years later and switched to something a little more neutral.

So fast forward to now, I read some articles about kitchen trends in 2014.  The news is mixed.  About half the press declares the farm sink is passé.  The other half assures us that the timeless farm sink is here to stay.  I don’t care.  I love them.  I mean really, really love them.